Party in a Spreadsheet (v 1)

Online Production, Corkscrew Festival 4.0 (2020)

Performed with Chia Lynn KwaHaleh Roshan & Tomson Tee

(The original Party in a Google Sheet was created by Marie Foulston!)

You're invited to a house party but we can't have a house party so the house is made of spreadsheets. Also invited: a book club of goats, an unhappy goat/woman couple, an abandoned pile of babies. It's a potluck so I hope you bring some food. It's a dance party so I hope you're in comfortable footwear. It's a garden party. It's a darkened room. It's a slaughterhouse line. Did I not say that? Is that unhappy woman in the kitchen okay? Don't worry, the goats are busy in the parlor arguing over the reading material. You could be the one dancing on the lawn to the rasp of knives being sharpened. Welcome.

︎︎︎ The Cincinnati Review:Interview in a spreadsheet with Brant Russell and Lisa Ampleman!