Party in a Spreadsheet (v 2.0)

Co-created with Sarah Blush, Yonatan Gebeyehu, Nazareth Hassan, Aaron Van Scyoc & Bailey Williams

With designs by
Chia Lynn Kwa & dramaturgy by Haleh Roshan

(The original Party in a Google Sheet was created by Marie Foulston!)


September 17-20, 2021
New Georges

June 17, 2021
MFA Thesis @ The New School for Dramawith additional funding support from NYTW 2050 Fellowship

You’re invited to a Very Heterosexual Wedding but we can’t have a real wedding so we made one out of spreadsheets. It’s a dance party so I hope you’re in comfortable footwear. It’s a potluck so I hope you bring some food. It’s a vast and terrifying landscape. It’s a barn filled with massive machines. Did I not say that? Don’t worry. You could be the one swaying on the lawn to the rasp of knives being sharpened. Welcome.

The Party is an adaptation (we use the word extremely loosely) of FUTURE WIFE, a romantic tragedy about goats and the economy.

Inspired by Marie Foulston's Party in a Google Sheet, it's a messy experiment in being online together the old-fashioned way: anonymously, amidst a growing sea of typos.

It's participatory—but gently. (No one will know if you just watch. And no one will know if, in the ever-shifting columns and rows, you are quietly becoming someone else.)


The Verge TL;DR: ”Future Wife is a wedding, a play, and the weirdest thing I’ve done in Google Sheets“

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