Workshop Production @ The New School of Drama
November 18-20, 2021 (live at the School of Drama)
December 3, 2021 (recording available online)

directed by I-Chen Wang
featuring Zoe Liu, Timmy Ong & Jacob Presson


Matt's bought a Cheap Old House in the middle of nowhere. He’s fixing it up; soon it will be all his, a place to be alone—hidden from the noisy world, from the tendrils of the internet. 

Then Harriet and Isabel show up unannounced. They bring news about the forest, about mysterious abandoned staircases hiding in the trees. They bring a parting threat from Matt and Harriet’s mother. They bring pasts and futures, a backpack named Loaves, and the uncannily human screams of mountain lions.

a tiny excerpt:

Matt has never been the planning sort. He's always been the doing and fucking up badly and coming home crying to Mom sort.

He seemed to have a handle on the house thing.

Dude's learning everything out of some old books about plumbing and home repair.

Aren't there... videos, or something?

A PDF is just a brighter version of a book, Isabel.
But you don't get it.
Matt likes analog.
Matt likes analog so much that he moved all the way out here so he would be unreachable by the "tendrils of the internet".

I like the tendrils of the internet.
I like being caressed by the tendrils of the internet.
I like getting fucked in both holes by the tendrils of the internet.
But gently.

Well, Matt doesn't. Matt doesn't fuck anymore.

Wow, really? Ever?

He "didn't want to talk about it".