Dr. G’s Fan Club

︎︎︎ Live site!

Made for FOR YOU + Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Dr. G’s Bingo Extravaganza!

We invite you to Dr. G's Bingo Extravaganza! This social bingo event will immerse you in a fantastical and joyous world centered around Oregon's own Dr. Geneva Craig - a civil rights leader, frontline nurse, and action movie lover with a penchant for Vegas glitz. Come meet new friends, compete for spectacular prizes, and celebrate an icon in our community.

FOR YOU is a performance group “creat[ing] original, participatory performances that bring strangers together for intimate encounters”.

They wanted a “fan club” site for Dr. G, where people could learn more about her. We made a long-scrolling Christmas tree, filled with scanned ornaments made by the AfroSkoutz, as well as other objects reflecting Dr. G’s interests and obsessions. Clicking an ornament shows you fun facts about Dr. G, and brings up photos and documents from her personal archives!

I made this site in Hotglue. We prioritized mobile compatibility, and had an older audience and their associated accessibility needs in mind (large fonts, instructions for interacting with the site, guides to zooming in on images etc).