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I’m available for freelance editorial work on an ongoing basis! I’m especially excited about experimental fiction and poetry, genre-transgressive & hybrid work, and genre fiction (particularly urban fantasy and speculative fiction).

From 2016-2020, I was an editor at Math Paper Press — an independent small press in Singapore publishing literary and genre fiction, short story collections, and poetry collections and anthologies.

I offer developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading services. I also do editorial assessments


Developmental editing is the most thorough and in-depth service. I provide both big-picture and zoomed-in, word- & sentence-level feedback on your manuscript. Where the work falls within the realm of my specific interests, I can also offer more involved industry- or genre-specific edits.

Copyediting focuses on the mechanics of your writing: grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I often include feedback on writing style and narrative voice as well, though not with the big-picture focus that a developmental edit provides. 

Proofreading is the final stage of editing, taking place after the manuscript has been laid out by a designer. I’ll tackle typos, formatting errors, grammatical mistakes. No creative feedback is offered with proofreading services. 

Editorial Assessments are manuscript evaluations, with no inline editing work on the manuscript. I read the manuscript and you get a written assessment that tells you what areas of it need further work. If you’re not sure what kind of editing service you need, an assessment will show you the areas your manuscript could use some help, and whether that help should be comprehensive or minor. 


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Developmental Editing 
.03 - .04/word

.02 - .03/word


Editorial Assessment 


Developmental Editing for book-length manuscript $500-800

Same rates as above for other services. 

My rates are based on the EFA’s.

Additional fees from payment processors or platforms may apply (Reedsy: +10%, Stripe: +3%).