my website + portfolio

︎︎︎ Live site!

Made for myself - you’re on this site right now! ;) 

I wanted a site that wasn’t generic, Squarespace-y looking, but that also wasn’t image- or video-centric. I wanted something colorful, bright, fun. Something that felt more like a personal site and less “professional” / corporate.

I’m a writer - so I wanted a design that would center words + language, and represent the vibe of each of my plays at a glance. (I also didn’t have any good pics of my produced work, oops.) 

I despise one-page design for portfolio websites, but also hate having a million unnecessary pages - so I made pages with a flexible two-or-three column template.

The About page uses the full three columns to pack short(ish) bursts of text in, while infopages for specific plays have two columns for more extended, paragraph-length text. Images can be added in future - when I have them! :) - either as thumbnails in the rightmost column, or as full-width pictures in the center column. 

Made in Cargo - all custom / not an existing template.